Rochester Farmers Market

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 Open Tuesdays
June 12 - September 25, 2018
 3:00pm - 6:00 pm

On the Rochester Common - Rochester, New Hampshire



Meet the Entertainers

August 7
Chris George

 Drawn to music from childhood, Chris was involved in music groups in his early years of teaching high school in New Hampshire.  Bands that he wrote for and performed in included “Staving Chain”, “The Stutter Brothers”, and “Conniption Fit and the Flying Fan Modules.”  The past seven years have included a full immersion into his musical passion.  He lives in Portsmouth, NH and is a member of “Rock My Soul”, the New England gospel group.  He also plays guitar and sings in a variety of organized and less organized gatherings of musicians.   His most recent work includes the release of the CD,  “Down From the Mountains.”

                                                                                        August 14​​

                                                       A Rose and Two Thorns​​

        From (l-R) Bob Clement is on Bass; Ann French plays guitar and vocals; Al Brock plays the Mandolin and vocals. This trio got together in 2017, just to have a good time. They all play in other bands and all three have been playing since childhood. Always a good time. A little country, a little bluegrass, a little roots. They play from their hearts. C'mon down and enjoy whatever they are offering today.

August 22

August 29​​

Luke DeRoy Trio