Rochester Farmers Market

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 Open Tuesdays
June 11 - September 24, 2019
 3:00pm - 6:00 pm

On the Rochester Common - Rochester, New Hampshire


Meet the 2018 Vendors
In Alphabetical Order

Berry Best Farm

Back in 1948 Christine's parents, Herbert and Natalie Colburn, bought the land that is known today as Berry Best Farm. It has been a working family farm since then and they have raised everything from chickens, hay, and Standardbred race horses to what they are best known for today--blueberries and peaches. 

Today they have approximately 2,500 highbush blueberry bushes in 11 different varieties, growing on about five acres of farmland.
Blueberry Varieties: Early Blue; Blue Ray; Patriot; Atlantic; Jersey; Herbert; Dixie; Pemberton; Blue Crop; Stanley and Wareham

Peach Varieties: Garnet Beauty, Red Haven, Canadian Harmony, and Harrow Beauty.

  Pick You rOwn or visit the Farm Store for a variety of products   

Chris and John Bozak

Berry Best Farm
33 Colburn Way
Lebanon, ME 04027
Phone: 207-457-1435
[email protected]

Part-Time Seasonal Vendor​​

Claire's Kitchen
​​Claire Williams has a wonderful array of home-made goodies. The old saying "It tastes just like my grandma used to make" is a reality with old fashioned recipes. Claire sells out every week, so if you are interested in trying some of her delicious sweet bread or whoopie pies, get there early.​​
Claire  lives in Milton, New Hampshire

Full Time Vendor

Country Farm Candles

Country Farm Candles is owned and run by Helen and Sarah.  They are a Mother-Daughter team that specializes in soy candles by combining the finest natural soy candles with unique and vintage containers. The clean burning soy candles are hand crafted in small batches to enhance every home and experience.  Every batch is locally made in New England.  They acquire and create our containers from the White Mountains of NH, vintage sales, and everywhere in between.They hand-pour each soy candle individually with care and love to bring you just the right scent and aesthetic to warm your home! 

           PO Box 1004, Burlington, MA 01803
                     Phone 1.781.205.9275
            [email protected]  

Part Time Vendor

Farmer Toms

   Farmer Toms is a small family-run vegetable farm serving the seacoast for the past twenty years. ​​

They carry a wide variety of vegetables including:
beans and peas, corn, potatoes, winter and summer squash, swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, carrots, beets, peppers, onions, cucumbers, turnips, and pumpkins.

Fruit:   Strawberries, blueberries, peaches
Flowers:  Cut flowers including gladiolas, sunflowers, and zinnias.​​
Lisamarie & Thomas Horne
288 Ten Rod Road
Farmington, NH  03835

phone: (413) 627-9078
email:farmertomsnh @​ ​​

Full-Time Vendor

Granite Ledge Farm

Here is what Scott Drummey has to say about his new venture. "  
Granite Ledge Farm is a diversified, permaculture based, farm business that opened in 2017. We are a new farm business on a Revolutionary War-era homestead in New Durham. Once our trees are mature, we will sell many different varieties of fruit, perennial vegetables, herbs, and nuts to consumers and restaurants in the Seacoast, NH area. This is our first year selling any product, and we are excited to be at the Rochester Farmers Market.
This year, we will be selling several varieties of perennial seedling herbs in pots, and several perennial vegetables such as asparagus and horseradish. Assuming Mother Nature cooperated, we will be selling peaches, apples, pears, and several types of berries throughout the season. We will also be selling several varieties of grafted fruit trees in September for Fall planting.

Part-Time Vendor

Olde Bay Road
New Durham, NH 03855
p [email protected]

Hackleboro Orchards

The Weiser family is going into its 26th year of growing fruits and veggies at Hackleboro Orchards. Hackleboro Orchards is a large and beautiful working farm with many varieties of apples to choose from and plenty of room to roam around! Bring your camera and comfortable walking shoes and enjoy the fantastic views and quality apple picking. Their farm stand has their own blend of fresh, sweet cider, pre-bagged apples for your convenience, fresh baked goods and much, much more.

During their busy season, they provide weekend tractor rides into the "pick-your-own" section; call for availability on 9 varieties of apples: Puritan, Paula Red, Mcintosh, Empire, Cortland, Red & Golden Delicious and Nothern Spy. Many other apple varieties available, pre-bagged, at the farm stand. 

You'll also find in season - 
Blueberries - Peaches & Nectarines – Plums - Apples - Bosc Pears - Maple Syrup & Candies – Honey-Pumpkins, Winter Squash, and Gourds - Various Produce-Baked Goods -Cornstalks
 61 Orchard Road
Canterbury, NH 03224
[email protected] ​​

Full-Time Vendor

Home Made by Rivka

Home Made by Rivka was started with the intentions of making wholesome, simple food, that is locally sourced when possible. "I believe these things should be more easily accessible to those who want the benefits of homemade, but can't spare the time or don't have the means." 

"I'm living my life through food and sharing my memories and experiences through my kitchen. That's why everything I make is all natural and made by me in small batches. Food should be simple. Food should be real. Food should be fun."  
Home Made by Rivka 
Somersworth, NH
(978) 457-3336

Full-Time Vendor

Line Hill Farm

Line Hill Farm Is a small family farm in New Durham, New Hampshire.

They grow:
Leaks, broccoli, snow peas, spinach, butternut squash, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, potatoes, bell peppers, habanero peppers, eggplant, various tomatoes: Geronimo, big beef, brandywines, early girls, cherry tomatoes.

Canned spaghetti sauce, salsa, vegetable plants, flower plants and horse hay, as well as gather honey and maple syrup.
Line Hill Farm
213 Middleton Road
New Durham, New Hampshire
(603) 859-2277

Full-Time Vendor

Loaf and Ladle

The Bread

An old New England favorite, This molasses, and cornmeal-based bread is both sweet and savory. Soft and fluffy inside with a sweet crunch of corn and crisp crust on the outside.      
A light and well-risen loaf, topped with rolled oats.A great alternative to the traditional white or wheat.This oat-based bread is perfect for sandwiches!

Honey White
new take on an all-American classic.A traditional white bread with a hint of sweet honey and a golden brown crust.

Garden Herb
The perfect blend of fresh garden flavors. Made with carrots, basil, parsley, and garlic, this light and fluffy loaf is delightfully paired with cheese, or as a staple on your dinner table.

Cinnamon Swirl
This sweet, hand rolled loaf is a staple for Sunday brunch! With ribbons of cinnamon sugar swirled throughout, this bread is perfectly paired with a cup of
coffee.  they recommend using it for French toast!

A savory loaf with a rich cheddar cheese flavor.
This bread is spiced with paprika and garlic, giving it just enough bite!

*Other varieties of bread available upon request.
All of our bread is made fresh locally in Dover, New Hampshire.
 Every loaf individually hand rolled and baked to perfection!
We offer simple ingredients with no additives or preservatives.


Full-Time Vendor

Aiden Ulery
The Loaf and Ladle Pantry
1 Washington Street - Suite 1
Dover, NH 
(207) 475-8809

McKenzie's Farm

  McKenzie's Farm is a family farm on the top of beautiful Plummer's Ridge in Milton, New Hampshire. "We carved our farm out of fertile, but rocky soil more than two decades ago. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Washington!"

Because of the hot house, McKenzies is able to bring in a variety of vegetables early in the season. 
"U-PICK" at McKenzie's Farm currently includes Raspberries, Blueberries, Apples, Tomatoes,& Pumpkins

The farm is kid and pet-friendly (leashes and cleanup required).

Open Daily May - November 12

Jock, Annie, Brett& Danielle McKenzie.

71 NE Pond Rd.,
 Milton, NH
(603) 652-9400​​​

Full-Time Vendor

Mousam Valley Mushrooms

​At Mousam Valley, they strive to grow mushrooms as close to wild as possible.
They cultivate the fungi on Maine hardwood & straw, sourced sustainably from the very woods & fields they forage in. The end result is a mushroom that could have been picked right off the side of your favorite foraging path.

"We love nature but not its surprises. Thus, all of our mushrooms are grown and packed in a totally controlled and fully automated indoor environment, while optimizing the ideal conditions present in their natural habitats. At the same time, it eliminates natural threats such as adverse weather and competitors allowing us to produce savory mushrooms year round!"
They are located above the Mousam River Valley in Springvale Maine inside of an historic dairy barn that they renovated into their mushroom farm on twelve acres of farmland.
21 Blanchard Road
Springvale, Maine
(207) 457-6007

Full-Time Vendor

New Hampshire Farm Museum

The New Hampshire Farm Museum is a non-profit 501 c3 educational organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and carrying forward New Hampshire's rural and agricultural heritage.   

The NH Farm Museum consists of two adjoining farmsteads situated on 50
acres located on Plummer's Ridge in Milton, New Hampshire. The historic
Jones Farm and the Plummer Homestead date to the late 18th century and
are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The farms were
passed down in the same families for generations. The Museum is open to
the public five days per week mid-June through Labor Day and on weekends
during the shoulder seasons. They offer special events and programs on
weekends throughout the year, guided tours of the farm and the
historic Jones farmhouse and exhibits and displays on rural life and
agriculture in New Hampshire. Special events and programs, work shops,
school group visits and day camps are offered throughout the year. They
have a working farm with heritage breed farm animals and heirloom
varieties of vegetables.  

  • Learn about three centuries of farm life in New Hampshire
  • Tour the historic Jones house and tavern
  • Discover the three-story barn filled with tools, wagons, and sleighs
  • Go on the Great Yellow Barn Hunt - kids love it!
  • Visit the tractor and carriage barn and the apple/cider exhibit
  • Meet the farm animals - chickens, goats, sheep, and pigs
  • Crack corn the old-fashioned way and feed the chickens
  • Explore acres of fields, forests, and wildlife
  • Hike an easy trail to the old family cemetery
  • Tour the vegetable, herb, and flower gardens
  • Shop for New Hampshire made products in the Country Store!
  • Join them for special events like Dairy Day, Harvest Day, Stories on the Farm, the Great New Hampshire Pie Festival, and much more! Click on the Events button for a schedule.
  • Individuals, families, school groups - all are welcome for a memorable visit! 

New Hampshire Farm Museum
1305 White Mountain Highway
Route 125/ PO Box 644
Milton, NH 03851
[email protected]

Full-Time Vendor

Heading 2

​​Our Farm

Our Farm, owned and operated by Laura Young and Aron Gonsalves, was established in 2013 in Springvale, Maine.  The couple moved to Maine after spending their twenties on the sunny island of Oahu, where they first focused on their culinary careers, then opened a garden supply store primarily based on hydroponics and aquaponics.  The two learned about small – scale urban farming and worked with the Department of Education to establish gardens for local schools.  Nearly 10 years later, they were ready to take on the challenge of a homestead.  Their search for land brought them to Maine
Determined that cooperative farming was to be their mission, ‘Our Farm’ was simply named to pay respect and give thanks to all those who have made and will make it a success.
Laura and Aron settled on the old 40+ acre farm, formerly known as Shaw’s Dairy.  The existing structures have allowed them to raise a variety of livestock.  Chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and pigs are bred and raised for egg and meat production.  The 20 acre hay field also feeds the herd of beef cattle.  The fertile land on Hanson Ridge has given rise to the bountiful, organically grown vegetables, herbs and flowers that are produced from March through November.  
Crops like tomatoes, squashes, cabbages and peppers start as seedlings in the little hoop house before being transplanted into the garden.  Others, like carrots, cucumbers, radishes and beets are sewn directly into the soil which has been fortified with compost produced right on the farm.  The local mushroom farm, Mousam Valley Mushrooms, where Aron is the Director of Operations, provides straw, an excellent source of organic matter, and is used to mulch the gardens at Our Farm.  Their products are also available at the roadside farm stand and by special order. Look for baked and canned goods coming out of the kitchen and don’t hesitate to ask for cooking tips from the chefs.
377 Hanson Ridge Rd
Springvale, Maine
(207) 850-1657

Full-Time Vendor

Potters House Bakery

The Potter’s House Bakery and Café is located in Rochester, NH. They provide customers with a clean and comfortable space to enjoy homemade baked goods and fresh roasted coffee. They have partnered with Camp CARD NE to provide hands on training to young adults on the Autism spectrum. 
100% scratch made baked goods
Homemade soups, salads and sandwiches, and our own
Fresh roasted and brewed craft coffee
"By making everything from high quality raw ingredients we are able to produce a better product while fulfilling our purpose. We are not looking to cut corners; rather, we are aiming to shape lives. Ultimately, our vision for the Potter’s House Bakery and Cafe is a bakery with a higher purpose; our bottom line isn’t merely profit, it is people." ​
Come see Tim and Sue for their unbelievably delicious items.

                                                                              Tim and Sue Willson
                                                              10 Chestnut Hill Road 
                                                     Rochester, New Hampshire 03867


Full-Time Vendor

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Root Seller

The Root Seller is located in Nottingham, NH on 130 acres of conserved land owned by Susan and Dan Comte.

They use a three-year crop rotation of potatoes, wheat, and beans, to aid in pest management and soil fertility. 

Maple syrup production dominates the late winter and early spring with over 1000 maple trees being tapped and boiled down to maple syrup. Come planting season the Comte Family – Dan, his wife Susan and their three sons, Tyler, Andrew and Anthony – are hard at work with the twelve acres of fields reserved for Potatoes, peas, carrots, radishes and a variety of beans – naturally grown without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides   
13 Nielson Road
 Nottingham, NH 03290

Full-Time Vendor

Full-Time Vendor

Full-Time Vendor

Sarandipity Soap Company

All Sarandipity products contain 100% natural ingredients and are made with love and care in small batches. The all-natural ingredients will love your skin as much as you love using them.
Sarah has been passionate about making soap for some time and started soap making using melt and pour soap bases. It wasn't long before she wanted to make soap from scratch and quickly became addicted to the magic of the saponification process. She started making soap as a hobby after taking a local course, but it soon became apparent she wanted to make more soap, so Sarandipity Soap Co was born.
Sarah is dedicated to using only 100% natural and sustainably acquired ingredients in her soaps and other products. Tallow comes from a local farm plus all items like herbs, honey, maple and beeswax she produces herself.


               Sarah Holden-Remick
 Berwick, Maine      
[email protected] 

Full-Time Vendor​​

Spirit Wind Farm

A beautiful historic farmhouse with barns situated on 150 private acres is the home to Spirit Wind Farm. They raise English Shire horses, Nubian goats and Nigerian goats, chickens, and pigs.
At the market, they offer fresh farm eggs as well as goat products such as cheese, luxurious goat milk soap, lip balm, and moisturizer.
The farm is open for weddings, kids birthday parties, trail rides, sleigh rides, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and special events. 

Spirit Wind Farm is also listed on Farmstay.US.  As an alternative to staying at a hotel, this is an opportunity for you to stay on a real working farm and actually being put to work if that is your desire. Wake up in the morning to a fresh from the farm breakfast.
57 Spirit Wind Farm Road
Lebanon, ME
(207) 457-3001

Full-Time Vendor

Studley's Flower Gardens

  Studley’s Flower Garden has delighted its customers with fresh flowers and garden services from its downtown Rochester, New Hampshire, location for more than 80 years. Founded in 1928, the business has grown to include a full range of floral design services, an extensive selection of annual and perennial garden plants plus landscaping and irrigation services. Today, Studley’s continues to offer personalized service and customized solutions for every flower and garden lover’s needs and interests. Studley's will be at the RFM every Tuesday in June and one market in each month following. They are always happy to answer any questions.
82 Wakefield St
Rochester, New Hampshire 
(603) 332-4565

Part-Time Vendor


Teatotaller is a café, tea-house, bistro and venue located in Historic Downtown Somersworth, New Hampshire. 

 At the market, they serve a range of tea and coffee plus specialty pastries.
Most teas are blended in house. Their tea kitchen infuses the imagination of the experienced tea-drinker (or the uninitiated).

The pastries are unique and tickle the imagination with items like Stroopwafel and   ​
Kouign Amann

69 High St
Somersworth, NH 03878
(603) 841-2545
[email protected]

Full-Time Vendor

Two Toad Farm

Two Toad Farm is beginning their 11th season growing food and providing local jobs for the community.

The mission of Two Toad Farm is to stabilize the local food supply, employ local people, and provide options for fresh, healthy produce.

Their farming philosophy focuses on the health of the soil. Every decision made relates to soil health and fertility. Two Toad Farm engages in extensive cover cropping for fertility, weed management, and erosion control. Most every plot receives three different cover crops each season in addition to the herb or vegetable harvested for market.

They grow over two hundred varieties of herbs and veggies for their markets, chefs, and CSA.  ​They sell pastured pork as well as lots of fresh eggs.
Jordan Pike

89 Richardson Dr.
Lebanon, ME
Phone: 207-252-1103

Full-Time Vendor

Two Wrongs Make A Right Bakery

13 Riverview Drive
Rochester, New Hampshire
[email protected]

(603) 609-8524

Full-Time Vendor

Zane Tillinghast Pottery

Zane Tillinghast acquired his BFA in ceramics from the Maine College of Art in 2016. He creates functional work with red earthenware clay. The charm found in irregularity inspires his forms. Slip, red clay, and the interaction between glazes is key to the decorative aspects of each pot. His pots are meant to be accessible and used daily.
Zane was born in southern New Hampshire, his pottery can be found for sale in Maine and New Hampshire.

My way of approaching the process of making pots is focused on the connections ceramics creates between people. We subconsciously use utilitarian objects to share significant moments, have conversations, and create memories. My pottery is alluring yet humble, focusing on intimate moments through the concept of beauty in function. My work channels the social conditions which ceramic vessels facilitate in helping people to come together--as a tool for conversation and expanding relationships with other human beings. The abstract designs on the surface of my pots are inspired by the time I’ve spent in the New England woods and are meant to serve as a catalyst for ambiguous observations to be made. The act of eating and drinking with this tableware and with the people you wish to spend time, make the ceramic objects a backdrop for the performance of life to happen around.

                                                           [email protected]
                                                                            Gonic, NH

Part-Time Vendor

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