Rochester Farmers Market

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 Open Tuesdays
June 11 - September 24, 2019
 3:00pm - 6:00 pm

On the Rochester Common - Rochester, New Hampshire


In addition to the live music on the bandstand, we will occasionally have something special to share with you. We will fill in events as we get them, so check back often.


Bring the kids over to Granite Ledge Farm's booth during June so they can make their own paper seedling pot, plant a sunflower in it and take it home for free. Each additional planting is $1.00. You may also purchase live sunflower seedlings as well as their own PotMaker device for making their own paper pots at home. Great for kids age ~5-10yo.

                  June 26th 3:30 to 5:45

 Belgian Meadows Farm horsedrawn wagon rides. This is free and is a huge hit with kids                                                                  and adults alike.

JULY 3rd

In the tradition of the itinerant storyteller, Papa Joe travels the continent collecting tales and inviting folks of all ages to Step into a Story. From Cow Head, Newfoundland to Austin, Texas; from the beaches in Florida to the mountains in Washington State. What makes him so special? His love of good stories? His passion for telling? His devotion to his audiences? This Master Storyteller designs shows to meet your needs, and it’s the audience that leaves feeling special. They experience stories with the opportunity to share with the group.
Internationally Recognized Mastery: Interactive Folk Storytelling.
Over 6000 performances – hundreds of workshops
Don’t let your kids, big or small, miss this show. You’ll talk about him for days!
PaPa Joe is sweet, kind, funny, talented, a weaver of captivating tales and a  Pied Piper with his melodious flute.

Author of For A Wish, The Ghost & the Apple Sauce, Jack Frost, Keenwitted Orphan, New Pots From Old, Poccamandas, Three Hairs, Too Much Christmas Pudding, Brave Little Samantha.
“It was far more than we had hoped for. We were very impressed that you could entertain the children and still maintain control. The children were captivated and talked about Papa Joe for days. Without costumes, props or puppets he managed to hold the children mesmerized! His expressions and voice changes as well as his ability to get the children to interact with him were incredible. His performances lasted 45 minutes and even the youngest of our children were held spellbound by him. For days after his visit you could hear the children singing his songs and reciting bits and pieces 


August 28th Market will be an opportunity for you to find out about the Rochester Rotary Club and exactly what it is they do. You may be surprised. Rochester Rotary is a proud sponsor of the Rochester Farmers Market. Come support them, the way they support us. 

Every Tuesday in SEPTEMBER​​​​

Vouchers For Veterans

Connecting American Veterans with American Farmers

         Strafford County Veterans receive $20.00 food vouchers each market in     September. Service members must prove military service with a DD214, or an ID from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs,  or  a NH driver's license stamped veteran and a NH drivers license proving you live in Strafford County.

From 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm

September 11th, 2018
Free Haircuts for all Veterans
​At the Market by Tresses Hair Salon


[email protected]

This is the second year Christine and Mark Colonna Have brought their crew from Tresses Hair Salon in Rochester to offer free haircuts to all veterans attending the Market. The Veteran shown here is Bill Brogdon of Veterans Count.